What is the Investor Trust Deposit A/C?

The ITD is a separate sub-scheme of the Fund where the only asset is cash invested in the Fund’s name in an Australian Trading Bank. Members who elect to use the Investor Trust Deposit (ITD) Account receive a range of benefits:

  • Funds invested in the ITD awaiting placement into a mortgage investment currently earn a daily rate of 3.5% pa. The Fund Manager subsidises the interest paid by the bank to achieve this attractive premium. Investors in the ITD receive their interest monthly along with that applicable to any other investments they have with the Fund.
  • Monies being returned from repayment of a mortgage, rather than being remitted back to our investor will automatically be placed in the ITD and therefore continue to earn interest. Should an investor instruct us to return funds to them we would of course do so.
  • Monies held in the ITD receive priority for placement into new mortgages that become available for investment.
  • Investors who may be temporarily unavailable to remit monies (such as travelling overseas) avoid the need to provide written approval to invest – remembering they still have the right to opt out of the investment within 10 days if they so choose.
  • There are sometimes unexpected short delays in settling new mortgage loans and participants in the ITD facility will receive interest at the ITD rate from the day of receipt by us until those funds can be placed on the selected mortgage investment. Members not participating in the ITD receive no interest for the period between receipt and placement into their selected investment.