What is a Contributory Mortgage Fund?

There are two types of mortgage funds – contributory and pooled. A contributory fund gives investors the freedom to invest in their choice of any of the fund’s available mortgage loans (called “Sub Schemes”). By contrast, in a pooled fund, investors invest in a ‘pool’ of mortgages, being all the mortgages in the fund. They cannot choose if they do not wish to participate in a particular loan within the pool.

Our Funds are contributory mortgage schemes offering investments secured by registered mortgages over real estte. Each loan is known as a Sub Scheme and is separate from other Sub Schemes in the Fund.

You can select one or more Sub Schemes for your investment funds. Your entitlement to income and capital is based only on your investment in a specific Sub Scheme. You do not have any right to the income or capital of any other Sub Scheme of the Fund.