Secured Notes

Secura Notes is a fund of funds, it raises money direct from investors in 1st Mortgage loans, to property developers and other property based borrowers through Secura Investment Fund and similar mortgage funds....

Secured Notes

We recently launched a Secured Note investment product for wholesale investors who prefer to invest their funds in an interest-bearing investment product with a fixed term, paying regular interest and with the ability to roll over upon maturity. If you are an offshore investor, you may also be able to invest subject to legal compliance - call us to enquire.

Rates and maturity

Your options for investing in our Secured Notes include choice of:

  • Maturity period
  • Interest rate.
  • Interest payment.

Interest payments and principal repayments to be paid direct into your nominated bank account.

Current rates and maturities offered are:


14 day call 2.8% p.a. Monthly in arrears on 27th of the month.


Fixed term - 6 months^ 6.6% p.a. 6 monthly# in arrears.


Fixed term - 1 year 8.0% p.a. 12 monthly# in arrears.


Fixed term – 3 years

or other period

By Negotiation 12 monthly# in arrears.


# For fixed term investments of 6 months or more, interest payment monthly in arrears is also available by negotiation.

^ Terms for a specific period i=of months are also available by negotiation.

Maturity process

14-day call:   Upon maturity of your bond, you agree that your funds will automatically roll over until you call for repayment. A call must be made 14 or more days prior to the date when repayment is due. Awkward

Term 6 or 12 months: Upon maturity of your bond, you agree that your funds will automatically roll over unless you indicate otherwise upon initial investment or give at least 1 month’s prior notice of redemption. We will remind you at least 6 weeks prior to scheduled maturity that the maturity date of your bond is coming up.

Issue, Use of Funds and Security

Secura Bonds Pty Ltd (“Secura Bonds”) is the product issuer of our Secured Notes. Funds raised from the issue of secured notes will be invested in first mortgages of the Secura Income Fund and approved first mortgages, Australian cash and other credit instruments approved by the board of Secura Bonds.

Your funds will not be used for the purposes of working capital of Secura Bonds, Secura Funds Ltd or any other company in the Secura Funds group. Secura Bonds has provided a general security deed to Secura Funds Ltd as trustee for secured note holders (i.e. investors in secured notes) over all the assets and undertaking of Secura Bonds.

Investment Risks

An investment in secured notes or corporate bonds should not be compared to a bank deposit. Notes and corporate bonds have a greater risk of loss of some or all of an investor’s capital when compared to bank deposits. Past performance of any product described on any communication from Secura Funds or the Issuer is not a reliable indication of future performance.  More information on investment risks is set out in the Information Memorandum – see below.

Information Memorandum - How to apply

This page is a summary of the key features of the Secured Notes on offer with Secura Bonds. For more information, you should obtain and read the Information Memorandum. Please contact us on 03 9639 9222 or email for a copy.

Applications to Secura Bonds should be lodged with Secura Funds:

By mail to:  Secura Funds Ltd, Level 3, 171 La Trobe Street Melbourne VIC 3000


Via our website: Go to



Secura Bonds Pty Ltd issues secured notes pursuant to an intermediary authorisation with Secura Funds Ltd, which pursuant to its AFS Licence allowing the issue of the secured notes and the provision of general product advice in relation to the secured notes. Secura Bonds Pty Ltd and Secura Funds Ltd are not licensed to and do not provide personal advice of any kind including financial, taxation or legal advice, concerning the secured notes. Offers for subscription for secured notes must be made via the Information Memorandum dated 6 July 2017 and applications can only be made on the application form in the Information Memorandum. Click here for more information on disclaimers.