How to Invest

Secura Funds raises money direct from investors and provides loans to property developers and other property-based borrowers through our investment fund, the Secura Income Fund.

The Secura Income Fund offers you the opportunity to invest in a specific secured loan. Your return will be reflected in the interest paid on your selected loan.


Wholesale Investors

To invest with us, you need to be a  wholesale investor or a sophisticated investor (technical terms defined in the Corporations Act). In summary, this means:

  • You must invest $500,000 or more with us, OR
  • You must provide an qualified accountant’s certificate that you satisfy one of the following:
    - You have net assets of at least $2.5 million
    - You have a gross income for each of the last 2 financial years of at least $250,000.

To invest, please contact us by email on or call us on (03) 9639 9222 for a copy of our Information Memorandum and our Identification Form.


Identification Form

An Identification Form will be provided with the Information Memorandum. Alternatively, you can download the form from the following link. The form is required under the Australian Government's Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing rules. Information provided to us will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Benefits of investing with us

The Secura Income Fund offers you the opportunity to invest in specific fixed term mortgage investments, in which the primary security is a registered mortgage (or mortgages) over real property in Australia. The mortgages are registered in the name of Secura Funds.

Each mortgage investment is known as a Sub-Scheme. You can contribute your investment money to one or more Sub-Schemes. Your entitlement to income or capital is then based on your proportionate investment in the mortgage loan comprising the Sub-Scheme. You do not have any right to income or capital of other Sub-Schemes.


Key Features of Sub-Schemes

Security: Each Sub-Scheme loan is secured by a registered mortgage over real property in Australia. Secured property may or may not be income producing. Loan amounts will be generally be determined in accordance with the following rules:

1st mortgage for property not being developed up to 60% of the “as is” market value
2nd mortgage for property not being developed up to 75% of the “as is” market value, but no more than 80%
Construction finance 5% lower and valuation on an “as if complete” basis, with acceptable level for the “as is” valuation - up to 60% for 1st mortgage and 75% for 2nd mortgage (80% with collateral security)

Valuations are carried out by our panel valuers who are independent from us and from borrowers.


Fees: Our fees to investors are:

Entry Fee Nil
Exit Fee at the end of the Loan Term Nil
Ongoing Investor Fees Nil

Fees and costs relating to each Sub-Scheme are borne by Borrowers.

Interest Rate: The interest rates payable to investors for each Sub-Scheme is disclosed in the Mortgage Summary submitted to you for approval and is generally fixed for the Loan Period. Interest is payable at the applicable rate from the date your investment money is allocated to the Sub-Scheme. The Mortgage Summary will specify whether the interest rate for a Sub-Scheme is fixed or variable.

There may be a margin between the investment rate paid to investors and the loan rate paid by Borrowers, and a margin between higher and lower rate (particularly if we fund interest payments), payable to us.


Minimum Investment: $100,000 but we may accept lesser amounts at our discretion. You may make additional investments in multiples of $25,000.


Maximum Investment: Unlimited but at Secura’s discretion.


Loan Period: The Loan Period depends on the specific Sub-Scheme selected by you. We usually lend for a term of 12 months, although this may vary. Rollover may be available. A minimum interest term is generally imposed for each Loan. Borrowers can repay early, subject to any minimum interest term.


Payment Method: We prefer direct credit to your nominated bank account as our preferred form of payment.


Payment of Interest: Interest payment terms will vary depending on the Sub-Scheme. Interest may be paid monthly or quarterly in arrears or at the end of the loan, or a mixture. Secura does not generally underwrite the prompt payment of interest during the Loan Period, but we may do so. We retain any penalty interest paid by the Borrowers when we underwrite interest payments.


Withdrawals: There is no right to withdraw your investment funds from a Sub-Scheme during the Loan Period. If the Borrower repays the loan early or a replacement investor is willing to accept the terms and conditions of a current Sub-Scheme, it may be possible to accommodate a withdrawal request. Secura makes no representation that early withdrawal is possible for any particular Sub-Scheme.