Advanta Property Funds

Advanta Property Funds connects investors directly to property development investments through loan, preferred equity and equity investment structures. 

We have formed Advanta Property Funds as a new division to offer investments in property development opportunities, where our lending criteria do not apply.

For example, if the Developer already has an offer of Bank finance and only needs a small balance of funding to undertake the project, the amount of funds offered by the Bank may represent a high LVR, so that we cannot provide funds within our own LVR lending parameters. Or in some cases, the Bank may not be prepared to allow a 2nd mortgage lender into the deal.

For this type of investment opportunity, our Advanta Property Funds division develops specialised investment types suitable for the specific property development venture. These products are available on an ad hoc basis. If you are interested in this type of investment, you should review our proposition at

For these investments, Secura’s AFSL licence allows us to introduce retail investors where we decide to issue a prospectus, as well as wholesale investors. A retail investor is essentially any type of investor in Australia.

To invest in these financial products, you should read the relevant prospectus, product disclosure statement (PDS) or information memorandum (if the product is only available to wholesale investors) available from Advanta Property Funds. You should consider whether the product is right for you before making a decision to invest.


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