Why invest with us?

  • Attractive fixed interest returns
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Terms of 6 - 18 months
  • Secured by mortgage over real estate
  • Generally, Melbourne metropolitan residential security
  • Proven professional funds management

 Millbrook Income Fund

Average investor return currently

11.7% pa

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Millbrook Mortgage Fund

Average investor return currently

7.6% pa

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What fund should I invest in?

There are two types of mortgage funds - contributory funds (such as Millbrook manages) and pooled funds. A contributory fund gives investors the freedom to invest in their choice of any of the fund’s available mortgage loans (called 'Sub Schemes'). By contrast, in a pooled fund , investors invest in a ‘pool’ of mortgages, being all the mortgages in the fund. They cannot choose if they do not wish to participate in a particular loan within the pool.

Our Funds are contributory mortgage schemes offering investments secured by registered mortgages over real estate. Each loan is known as a Sub Scheme and is separate from other Sub Schemes in the Fund.

You can select one or more Sub Schemes for your investment funds. Your entitlement to income and capital is based only on your investment in a specific Sub Scheme. You do not have any right to the income or capital of any other Sub Scheme of the Fund.

Who can invest in our funds?

Investment in Millbrook Mortgage Fund is open to all individuals, companies, trusts and superannuation funds, and any other form of legal entity operating in Australia, however, the Millbrook Income Fund is only available to Sophisticated and Wholesale Investors as defined by the Corporations Act.

Our first and second mortgage structures

1st mortgages

Our first mortgage rates typically range from 6.5% to 10% per annum. The LVR for our first mortgages is up to 66.67%.

2nd mortgages (Income Fund ONLY)

Rates of return for our second mortgages range from 12% to16% per annum reflecting the greater risk associated with a higher LVR and that our security ranks behind another mortgage. In many cases the first mortgage will also be held by Millbrook which offers second mortgage investors greater comfort than would be the case with an unrelated first mortgagee.


Typical first mortgage structure Typical first and second mortgage structure
1st Mortgage
LVR up to 66.67%
1st Mortgage
LVR up to 55% (and potentially up to 66.67%)
2nd Mortgage
From 1st mortgage LVR up to 80%
Borrower's Equity
33.33% or more of residual property value
Borrower’s Equity
20% or more of residual property value